April 12, 2010

My name is Clive, and Ngu is my surname. This is where Clivengu Visual & Design came from.

With academic background as an Interior Architect, I currently specialising in photo-realistic 3d rendering. My main clients are mostly Interior Designers, Architects, & sometime Contractors. Over the years, I have been working with various designers & been experienced in many types of projects, including Residential, Hotel, Offices, Restaurant, Commercial, Public Spaces, Architectural & many more.

If you like my work & in need of a good 3d artist, you can contact me through the details below. Any challenging & interesting projects are most welcome as I constantly trying to brush up on my skills and exposed to different kind of projects.


m:  +6 016 929 4432

e:  clivengu@gmail.com

w:  www.clivengu.com